Hey, and welcome to the page about PreciseFunnels and its founder, Rok Sprogar (yours trully).

So without further ado, let's dive right into the details.

About PreciseFunnels

I created PreciseFunnels to help out beginner entrepreneurs with little to no marketing experience.

How exactly does that work?

Any entrepreneur, who's alredy attracted some web traffic or built an audience on social media, is faced with a seemingly unsurmountable task of monetizing their audience.

So, instead of being able to focus on creating and putting out content that they love to create for their niche...

...they now have to spend a couple of years developing a product, learning copywriting, how to build lead magnets, landing pages, sales pages, email sequences, marketing automation...

...and lots of similar marketing stuff that can easily make a rookie entrepreneur's head explode.

PreciseFunnels was created specifically to cut that process short (by at least a couple of months, if not years).

But I won't go into more details now (you can find more information here), because it's time for me to introduce myself...

About Rok Sprogar

I am the guy behind PreciseFunnels, and I've been working in the online marketing industry since 2012.

Here are just some of my achievements over that time:

I'm not saying this to brag, but to show you that I am uniquely qualified to help out beginner online entrepreneurs like you.

So take a look around the website or contact me right away.